About Lori

loriimageI am so blessed to do this work and serve spirit.   I began seeing the faces of those in spirit at a young age.  I never knew who they were and I learned how to draw so that I could remember them.  As I got older the visions became more frequent and I felt as though they were people who crossed over wanting to communicate.  I began reading every book on life after death that I could find, looking for more information and answers.  I set my intention to learn as much as I could and how I could embrace this calling.

I trained with an incredible teacher, Lisa Williams, and received my certification as a medium through her school in Los Angeles, The Lisa Williams International School For Spiritual Development.

My goal is to bring comfort and closure to those who have lost loved ones through my gift as a medium and clairvoyant.

I know there is no death, that we do go on and that we will be reunited with our loved ones again.  The messages I receive from spirit has proved that many times over.  Their messages are always loving, positive and uplifting and the most important thing to remember is, they want you to know they’re really okay, and they’re with you always.

I live in northern New Jersey with my partner and our corgi, Kendall when we’re not traveling around in our RV.  My other interests include chainsaw carving, gold mining and anything outdoors.

I have studied with several amazing and celebrated teachers and consider myself very fortunate to serve spirit and change the lives of others.  It is my honor to help you connect with your loved ones on the other side.

With my love and a BIG hug,





Certified Medium – Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development – Lisa Williams

Reiki Master Teacher – International Center For Reiki Training – William Lee Rand

Certified Angel Practitioner – Charles Virtue



Love Never Dies!